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Marketplace Onboarding Specialist

Suppose you have convinced a seller, but what’s next? Not all sellers are equally technically skilled, or perhaps resources are lacking. Our onboarding specialists come to the rescue! They assist sellers with their onboarding and know all the integration techniques required to place a range of products online.

What does a Marketplace Onboarding Specialist do?

Our Marketplace Onboarding Specialists help with the registration and onboarding of new sellers. This means they collect all the necessary information to complete the onboarding and provide technical guidance. They are, in fact, the sellers’ first point of contact for issues with uploading products. Our Marketplace Onboarding Specialists also offer tips to sellers on how to improve their performance and thus enhance the customer experience. They primarily collaborate with the seller during the onboarding process to help load products and offers onto the marketplace.

Our Marketplace Onboarding Specialists are real ‘problem solvers’ and consistently provide appropriate answers to questions from sellers, vendors, or integrators.

What is the added value for you?

With Marketplace Onboarding Specialists within your organization, they can maintain close contact with other departments, and quick action can be taken. As part of your organization, they can also think about possible improvements to processes, tools, and procedures. They also monitor all vendor activities and make adjustments as needed. They will analyze vendor performance and subsequently provide insights to improve the onboarding process and performance.

A not-to-be-underestimated aspect of the role our Marketplace Onboarding Specialists play within your organization is ‘troubleshooting.’ They fix potential bugs on your platform, errors in data uploading, and just about any problem that may arise during the onboarding process. With a Marketplace Onboarding Specialist on board, you are in safe hands!

Our Marketplace Onboarding Specialists:

  • Ensure a smooth and successful launch for sellers
  • Know all integration techniques (API, feed, Integrators, aggregators)
  • Improve drop-shipments and customer experiences
  • Assist with data migration to the marketplace
  • Analyze performance and make adjustments as needed
  • Troubleshoot bugs or errors


We like to take the time for personal conversations. This way, we can discuss your wishes together, determine the role you are looking for, and match it with one of our employees. We can help you with filling a position (temporarily), as well as assist in the process of finding a suitable employee and help with the onboarding of new staff.

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