Our services


Our specialists offer practical advice based on years worked in the e-commerce field. We advise on all the steps from strategy building to seller onboarding. We will be your partner throughout the entire process and we are the first ones in the Benelux market to offer such service.

From strategy to business plan

Through our workshops, we will help you to determine a minimum viable product (MVP) and to make the best strategic choices moving forward.

Besides our business knowledge, we also know the technicalities and will help you with finding the solution that fits best into your technical landscape.

We are proud to say that we have the highest number of successful Mirakl marketplace integration in the Benelux region. Your business is in good hands!

Weighing pros and cons
Defining appropriate strategy
Defining scope (MVP)
Drawing up a business plan

The platform business model is a change for your company with impact on almost every department. Advice from people who have been through this change process before is often of great value.

Niels Jaspers, Managing partner

Looking for advice, strategy creation or an MVP? We are here for you!