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Operational support

We are very proud to be the only company on the Benelux market offering operational specialists. Our team members have the necessary experience and knowledge of the marketplace processes to guide you from A to Z.

Our specialists as your interim employees

After new marketplace sellers are ‘onboarded’ and ready to sell, it is important to keep them engaged and motivated. With the growing number of marketplaces, attentive Account Manager is therefore a must. They will help sales people grow through in-depth analysis, handle marketing campaigns and solve any problems.

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The process of onboarding sellers can be daunting as not all of them are equally technical or have resources. Our experienced onboarding specialists will help them and thanks to their knowledge of all integration techniques (API, feed, integrators, aggregators), the products will be live in no time.

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Are you looking for new sellers? Our experienced business developers will boost your marketplace. Their market knowledge and expertise will be helpful with sourcing right sellers.

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Our specialist will help you with making strategic decisions and will represent the marketplace within the internal organisation. They will act as the main point of contact for everything concerning your marketplace project.

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Do you also want to become an Operai specialist?

Check out our latest vacancies and let us know why you’d be a right fit!