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Magento (Adobe commerce) integration with Mirakl

If you’re already using Magento as your webshop software, you’ve undoubtedly experienced its many benefits. But did you know that Magento also has a Mirakl Connector to accelerate the implementation of Mirakl Marketplace software? Together with our partners PHPro and Itonomy, we can make this happen for you. It’s the perfect collaboration, as Operai is even a Gold Partner of Mirakl. We’re happy to explain what the implementation of Mirakl can mean for your business activities.

How do you integrate Mirakl with Magento (Adobe Commerce)?

Mirakl is a SaaS marketplace software, making it relatively simple for businesses to launch their own marketplace. You no longer need to develop a complete marketplace system yourself; you just need to integrate the Mirakl software with your existing e-commerce system and connected systems (finance, PIM, etc.). Mirakl offers an operator connector for Adobe Commerce customers, which means that a Mirakl implementation is easier since some features are already partially developed in the standard connector. However, in practice, we see that custom work is still needed for successful integration. Our Mirakl and Magento specialists are happy to help you with this.

What are the benefits for your business?

  • You have access to a team of Mirakl and Magento specialists.
  • Simplify the integration with the connector, saving you time and money.
  • With a marketplace, you can quickly expand your webshop’s assortment without inventory risk.
  • Operai has the highest number of successful Mirakl implementations in the Benelux region, so your business is in good hands with our specialists.

About Operai

Operai is a Mirakl gold partner with the highest number of successful Mirakl implementations in the Benelux region. Operai is also part of Xplore group, which means we work closely with our colleagues from Itonomy and PHPro. Xplore group consists of separate “competence centers” with specialists who work together.

For an implementation project, we combine our technical Mirakl specialists with the Magento specialists from Itonomy and PHPro. We provide assistance throughout the entire process, whether you need help with inspiration, making business choices, or providing additional development capacity.

In short, combining Mirakl with Intershop offers unique opportunities in the B2B segment. We’re happy to help you with information on the marketplace business model or its technical aspects. Feel free to contact us without obligation.

Our Dutch partner

About Itonomy

Itonomy builds e-commerce platforms in Adobe Commerce and is also a recognized Adobe (Magento) Commerce partner. They design, build, and maintain solid and successful e-commerce solutions for B2B, B2C, and D2C.

Like Operai, they are also part of Xplore Group. By combining the expertise of Itonomy and Operai, we can assure you that the best experts in the market are ready to help your business with a successful implementation process.

For more information, visit Itonomy’s website: https://www.itonomy.nl/

Our Belgian partner

About PHPro

PHPro is a full-service digital partner. PHPro develops a digital strategy from user experience to online marketing. They also build webshops with Adobe Commerce (Magento) and can help with the integration of Mirakl into your webshop.

PHPro goes beyond just Adobe Commerce integrations; they also have experts in web analytics, advertising, and search engine optimization. This way, we can provide you with solid advice for the implementation of a (Mirakl) marketplace.

For more information, visit PHPro’s website: https://www.phpro.be/

What exactly does Mirakl do?

This SaaS solution (software-as-a-service) can manage a marketplace and (optionally) dropshipping activities. Moreover, Mirakl’s software can be integrated into almost any e-commerce system. By using a SaaS marketplace solution, it’s also relatively easy to become a marketplace yourself. The Mirakl Marketplace Platform takes care of all aspects of the marketplace, such as creating seller accounts, managing and merging product content, inventory management, and order management. If you want to save time (and thus money) on the development and maintenance of the marketplace, it’s better to choose a SaaS solution.

Looking for a marketplace integration partner? We are happy to take care of your platform!