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SAP Commerce Integration with Mirakl

Marketplaces are steadily gaining popularity. This is no surprise, as marketplaces are synonymous with a pleasant shopping experience, which many customers are looking for.

A marketplace enables businesses to offer a diverse range of products without the associated inventory risk. Additionally, the shorter supply chain allows for quick responsiveness and adaptability to trends.

How to Integrate SAP Hybris with Mirakl?

If you are using SAP Hybris and wish to establish your own marketplace, Operai can help! Together with our partner Elision, we manage the implementation of Mirakl marketplace software with SAP Commerce. SAP Hybris can utilize the Mirakl connector, which contains preprogrammed connections with standard APIs. While custom development is typically required in practice, leveraging the available connector can significantly reduce the time and capacity needed for development.

What are the Benefits of Integrating Mirakl with SAP Commerce?

  • The use of Mirakl SaaS marketplace software has made it much easier to create a marketplace. Instead of building the entire marketplace from scratch, integration with Mirakl APIs is now sufficient.
  • A marketplace allows businesses to quickly scale and adapt to trends or developments without significant inventory risk.
  • By opting for an integration process with Operai, you are choosing a team of specialists with extensive experience.

About Operai

Operai is a Mirakl gold partner with the highest number of successful Mirakl implementations in the Benelux region. Operai is also part of Xplore Group, working closely with our colleagues at Itonomy and PHPro. Xplore Group consists of separate “competence centers” with specialists who collaborate.

During an implementation process, for example, our technical Mirakl specialists combine forces with the Magento specialists from Itonomy and PHPro. We provide assistance throughout the entire process, whether it involves finding inspiration, making business decisions, or providing additional development capacity.

In summary, combining Mirakl with Intershop presents unique opportunities in the B2B segment. We are more than happy to provide information about the marketplace business model or its technical aspects. Feel free to contact us without any obligation.

Our partner

About Elision

Our partner Elision is an official SAP CX partner and has the largest team of professional SAP CX developers in the Benelux region. Together with the SAP specialists from Elision, we ensure high-quality Mirakl x SAP integration. You are guaranteed the best advice and top-quality implementation by assembling a team of Mirakl-certified specialists from Operai and SAP-certified specialists from Elision.

What Does Mirakl Do Exactly?

This SaaS solution (Software-as-a-Service) can manage a marketplace and (optionally) dropshipping activities. Moreover, Mirakl software can be integrated into almost any e-commerce system. Utilizing a SaaS marketplace solution makes it relatively simple to become a marketplace yourself. The Mirakl Marketplace Platform handles all aspects of the marketplace, such as creating seller accounts, managing and merging product content, inventory management, and order management. If you want to save time (and therefore money) on the development and maintenance of your marketplace, it is wise to opt for a SaaS solution.

Looking for marketplace integration partner? We are happy to take care of your platform!