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Marketplace Business Developer

Is your marketplace in need of a little extra push? Consider bringing in our interim business developers, as they have the expertise to onboard the right sellers. Allow us to explain in detail what they do and how enlisting a Marketplace Business Developer can give your platform the boost it needs.

What are the tasks of a Marketplace Business Developer?

Our Business Developers have an in-depth understanding of the market. They leverage their knowledge and experience to persuade sellers to list their products on your marketplace. Our Business Developers take the initiative in actively searching for new sellers and expertly onboarding them onto your platform,  from the initial conversation to contract signing – they have it covered!

Our Business Developers are tasked with bringing new sellers onto the marketplace, ensuring they are live and active. This involves setting up the seller environment, acting as the primary point of contact, evaluating content, and offering feedback for improvements. They proactively scout the market, staying updated on trends to attract potential sellers. Moreover, they leverage smart software and efficient onboarding methods to streamline the recruitment process, establishing a robust structure in the Business Development process that can be adopted by your own staff as well.

Why hire a Marketplace Business Developer?

Thanks to the support of our Business Developers, your organization can grow and play a leading role in the world of e-commerce. They not only assist in expanding the number of sellers, but also transform your marketplace into a success story. A Senior Business Developer can elevate your team to new heights.

If you need a temporary helping hand, such as during the launch of a marketplace or to meet seller targets, an interim Marketplace Business Developer is the ideal solution. The same applies to filling a temporary role, such as during a dismissal or maternity leave. Additionally, if you want to add new categories to your website, our Business Developers have experience in multiple categories.

Through thorough market prospecting, your company gains a clear insight into internal and external factors that impact your marketplace, such as sales growth, auditing, or recent trends. This insight helps you improve the experience of your customers. Moreover, with our presence, we can coordinate projects from within your organization and help achieve (or surpass) specific goals, both in terms of revenue and performance.

Our Marketplace Business Developers

  • Search for potential sellers
  • Sign and onboard new sellers
  • Conduct analyses to facilitate the growth of your organization
  • Provide insights and enhance customer experiences
  • Conduct market prospecting to generate leads
  • Handle the onboarding process for new sellers
  • Help achieve goals in terms of revenue and performance
  • Recruit sellers in Dutch, English, Swedish, German, and French
  • Add new categories to your website.

We would be happy to schedule a personal conversation with you to discuss your requirements, ascertain the specific role you are seeking, and align it with one of our team members. Our assistance can extend to temporary position placements, as well as aiding in the recruitment process for finding the right candidate and facilitating the onboarding of new employees.

Interested? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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