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Marketplace Account Manager

The number of marketplaces is growing, so it’s important to have an Account Manager who knows the ropes. Fortunately, we have several of them available at Operai.

Our Account Managers help your sellers to grow and excel in what they do. They also handle marketing campaigns and address issues before they escalate. Operai’s Account Managers ensure that your company can thrive in the marketplace market!

What does a Marketplace Account Manager do?

A Marketplace Account Manager helps sellers on marketplaces to increase sales and provide high-quality service. They also ensure that sellers remain engaged and motivated. You can think of our Account Managers as a type of ‘sales coach’. They conduct periodic evaluations with sellers to keep them motivated and maintain active involvement in their activities.

Because at Operai, we don’t just stand by and watch from the sidelines, but we take a hands-on approach with sellers. We provide feedback on their performance and advise on areas of improvement. In short, an Account Manager is the primary point of contact for a seller. And by being present on-site, we keep the barrier low for sellers to approach us. We aim to be approachable and helpful wherever we can.

Why hire a Marketplace Account Manager?

Precisely because our Marketplace Account Manager is part of your organization, they can quickly switch gears. For example, to answer questions or resolve unexpected issues that may arise. This, of course, happens in consultation with other authorized services, such as marketing or IT. We essentially provide full support for your sellers.

What else can we do for you? We ensure that your marketing campaigns smoothly roll out, take care of optimizing your content, and increase conversion rates. But even that’s not where our role ends. We also think along with you about general improvements for your organization, ranging from business processes to optimizations. We not only serve as a point of contact but also as colleagues.

Our Marketplace Account Managers

  • Have expertise and experience with online marketplaces.
  • Possess the necessary knowledge of SEO
  • Monitor the performance of your sellers
  • Are available for questions and resolve issues
  • Plan marketing campaigns
  • Ensure the optimization of your content

Explore the possibilities

We are happy to take the time for personal conversations. This way, we can discuss your wishes together, determine the role you are looking for, and match it with one of our employees. We can help you with filling a position (temporarily), as well as assist in the process of finding a suitable employee and help with the onboarding of new staff.

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