Black Friday 2022: marketplace revenue grows faster than the rest of the market


Growth during Black Friday

Black Friday is already familiar to many European consumers, many (web)shops are stunting with deals and this day is traditionally the start of the Christmas shopping period. Especially for the Dutch, where Saint Nicholas is celebrated early in December, Black Friday is a great opportunity to stock up on gifts.

Interestingly, during Black Friday, sales grew again this year, despite the current economic situation. According to an estimate by “Betaalvereniging Nederland”, about €467.5 million in payments were made via iDeal on Black Friday 2022. During Black Friday 2021, this was approximately €430 million, according to iDeal figures. Which amounts to an overall YOY growth of about 8.7% in the Netherlands. This means that Dutch E-Commerce sales are growing faster than the average global growth rate of about 3%.

Marketplaces are growing faster than the market

According to analysis by Mirakl, the global leader in SaaS marketplace software, marketplace revenue grew exponentially. Analysis of hundreds of Mirakl marketplaces worldwide shows that the growth of European marketplaces is as high as 44% during the Black Friday week. In North America, the growth is even higher, at 67%. This brings the average global growth rate to 53%. The trend of marketplaces growing substantially faster than the market seems to continue with this; in 2021, marketplaces in Europe also grew 43% during Black Friday week.

Reliability of a proven platform

Once again during Black Friday, Mirakl proved that choosing for best of breed technology pays off. With millions of shoppers viewing marketplace and dropship products, the Mirakl platform received 1.6 billion API calls (+23% vs 2021). Despite the large growth in orders, uptime remained 100%, for all 300+ Mirakl customers.

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